Evidence of 

Learning Design

Primary Evidence

In one of my doctoral courses, I designed a course where the cohort engaged on the platform Discord. Discord is a communication platform used for creating communities, hosting discussions, and connecting through voice, video, and text chat. I explored using Discord as a learning management tool for educational purposes, as it allows users to join or create servers based on specific topics or interests. It has become popular in various communities, including gamers, study groups, and businesses. The instructional documents, formative course evaluation, and a brief walkthrough are provided below.

Copy of Welcome to Learning AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in the classroom.
Copy of Final Formative Evaluation of AR VR in Discord

Supplementatry Evidence

It is important to me that my research and studies align with what I am doing in my professional career. In an interview that I had with a friend and colleague, he stated that my work must be purposeful, personal, and practical in order for me to enjoy what I do and continue with my studies. The work below is a reflection of curriculum materials, training activities, and feedback/reflections about the learning design process as it involves my work in the industry, school, and nonprofit. 

My contributions to writing an ebook for my work at SHI regarding developing an esports program.

My contributions to this ebook included developing an esports curriculum to match your institution's goals and engaging a supporting esports coaching staff for the school to help support the program.  We each designed the concept of 7 pillars or elements needed to implement an effective scholastic esports program. This gives clients a project management or design overview of how to start the program. 

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Adkins, K., Harris, B., Solomon, G., & SHI. (2022). Effective scholastic esports: Building blocks for assembling your winning team

Scholastic esports: A new era for student engagement. Retrieved July 20, 2023, from 


A production walkthrough of developing a podcast

Upon my transition from this nonprofit organization, I wanted to design a layout for creating a podcast for the organization. I designed the templates and video walkthroughs that provided a step by step for any organization member to use when creating the podcast. 

Copy of NASEF Podcast Production Access and Walthrough

Reflecting on a course design project with team members from class.

My contribution to the team with this microlearning course was the design and structure of how the course would look. I made the decision of putting the course in Microsoft Teams for more accessibility and structure.  I contributed this based on my experiences in the K12 space. 

Onboarding a Platform

The document to the right is an interactive onboarding training I created for my non-profit organization TEXSEF. It was about creating a student online portfolio for esports. It is meant to be interactive by clicking on any of the icons. This was in the early stages of my learning about the design process. I used the eFuse platform and walked through the entire platform on my own to help onboard new teachers on how to use the tool. I created audio versions just to listen to the onboarding as well as translating the materials to Spanish.  

Link to the full presentation


Copy of LMS Bradford Harris Artifact Samples