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Description Summary from Region 4 Digital Learning Conference 2024

Unlock the power of video games and literacy to transform your classroom! This presentation explores innovative ways to integrate literacy and STEM education using engaging video game walkthroughs. Discover how games and books such as "The Last Kids on Earth" and "Spiderman 2" can spark critical thinking, boost reading comprehension, encourage collaboration, and ignite a passion for science and technology in students of all ages.

Literature Reviews

These two literature reviews, one a grounded theory study on adult males engaging in MMORPGs and the other a qualitative case study on women in esports, form a crucial part of my scholarship evidence. They offer a deep dive into the social dynamics and gender-related challenges within gaming communities, aligning with my research focus on the educational implications and inclusivity in esports."

Copy of Harris Exemplar Article Review 1_ Case Study.pdf
Copy of _Harris Exemplar Article Review 1_ Grounded Theory.pdf

As supplementary evidence, the annotated bibliography paper on esports on the left offers valuable insights into enhancing instructional design through the integration of esports in educational contexts.

Scholastic Esports: Taking it Slow from the Ground Up

Scholastic Esports: Taking it Slow from the Ground Up" delves into integrating esports in education, focusing on strategic planning and curriculum alignment. The presentation highlights the potential of esports as an engaging educational tool while addressing implementation challenges. It contributes to educational technology research, offering a practical framework for esports in learning environments.

Scholastic Esports: Taking it Slow from the Ground Up